Turbo Games partnered up with SixSlots

Turbo Games partnered up with SixSlots

Turbo Games’ crash games are available on the SixSlots platform - modern directory of the top industry representatives, namely reliable online casinos, the most demanding slots and other games. Furthermore, it`s possible to get acquainted with available bonuses and watch livestreams.

Turbo Games is a perfect match for the selective valuable content of SixSlots directory. The whole Turbo Games portfolio is an exciting world of the games from such categories as Crash, Dice, Plinko, Mines, Towers, Stairs, Wheel of fortune, Keno, Limbo, HiLo. Thanks to SixSlots the casino game admirers can now follow the latest releases and dive deeper into Turbo Games features on the Sixslots.com webpage.

Double Roll - Double Win

Double Roll - Double Win

DoubleRoll is a modern Turbo prototype of a legendary roulette. One of the theories that lies behind roulette is that the inventor of the roulette prototype is Blaise Pascal, who developed a perpetual motion machine and presented a primitive form of roulette as a variation of such an engine. The idea of a perpetual motion engine fully correlates with the DoubleRoll game powered by Turbo.

It looks like an endless spinning line with 14 sectors of red and black colours and a 15th green sector, “zero”. The players can bet on the sector the index finger will point to: red, black or green. By pressing the button “Place a bet”, the Turbo machine launches the ball over the roulette line and, in some seconds, falls on one of the sectors. Winnings are received by everyone whose bet on color has been played.

All the bettors are divided into 3 teams, and after placing the bet, every player sees what team they belong to and cheer for correspondingly. This feature indicates that the level of engagement is quite high in this game. Moreover, there is a very cool sound in the background that reminds the noise of a croudy casino where life rages.

Get involved - double your winnings. https://turbogames.io/game/double

Welcome to the Dogs` Street

Welcome to the Dogs` Street

Dog Street is a paradise for all dogs and a very beloved place for all dog lovers who come here to enjoy the atmosphere and feed the cute creatures who live in the house. Life is life and it cannot be perfect. Sometimes everyone meets obstacles, in this case, they are cats and their angry owners.

The aim of each player in this game is to open the windows and feed dogs. The more windows with the dogs behind them are opened, the more dogs are full and the more winning amount a player receives. As soon as a crumpy cat owner with her pet is met, a player loses.

There are some features that make the game attractive for playing and for winning. Firstly, it is possible to change the number of cats on the game field: from 2 to 24. The such modification gives a player a chance to work on their strategy and choose the risk rate. Secondly, the designs and sounds are awesome! It can be undoubtedly said that the game is created for aesthetes. Starting of the game play a player hears the sounds of dogs panting or sniffing and sees a cute interface. Dogs living in the house bark with different voices every time a player opens the window and feeds them showing their satisfaction. Furthermore, each dog lover can meet the god they like the most: Staffordshire bull terriers, Akitas, Huskys, Maltese dogs and Pugs.

Head of Sales at Turbo Games, Vadim Potapenko says: “The game Dogs Street is something new for our games because of its cosy atmosphere. It has the same logic of the game as a flagship product - the game Mines. Its cute and cartoon-like because it`s time for the world to be kinder. Turbo Games let its players consume positive content.”

Turbo Games became one of the stars of the TurboStars Galaxy

Turbo Games became one of the stars of the TurboStars Galaxy

Turbo Games’ trendy games content is available now for TurboStars partners. Having Turbo instant games in the assortment, every casino and betting platform has an endless flow of excited players who enjoy newly released demanded crash games.

Turbo Games & TurboStars announced today that the companies have entered into a unique partnership that scales the offer of the iGaming industry. TurboStars has become an exclusive distributor of the games by Turbo Games.

One day a new Galaxy was born. It had a huge energy potential that created a turbo constellation of iGaming TurboStars. Each Star is an integral part of this impressive Galaxy and has the same Turbo DNA. The 1st Star Turbo Platform provides outstanding iGaming 360° solutions, game content and a full range of management services to numerous online casinos and sportsbooks worldwide. The 2nd Star Turbo Sportsbook is designed to empower any online betting project with exclusive Sports, eSports, Virtual Sports content, as well as customizable software and iframe. The 3rd Star Turbo Games is a future-oriented provider of trendy games based on the Provably Fair algorithm. With Turbo Games, players can be assured of the transparency of every round of the game and check the game`s fairness by themselves. The company was launched in 2020 with the flagship game CrashX, and since then, its games have been capturing the hearts of players worldwide, multiplying the revenues of its Partners at the same time.

In Turbo Stars Galaxy, there is an easy solution for every request because its products cover all the directions of the industry! The concluded deal with Turbo Games has completed the TurboStars product line for 100% because both companies have the same values, progressive audience and ambitious plans. Use Your FastLine in iGaming - Join the Community!

Slava Zhuk, Adviser at Turbo Games, said: “Being represented and distributed by such rocketing star sales house is a milestone step forward for us. If such industry giants select Turbo Games means we provide first-class games despite being so young. From my point of view, the secret lies in a huge concentration of experience gained by each member of our team.”

Klym Burii, CEO at TurboStars, added: “Our community is a perfect business environment for those iGaming products that feel that they lack something and strive to become the best version of themselves. Turbo Games is one of our providers that helps to successfully deliver the requests of our clients. Moreover, TurboStars was created from a huge accumulation of energy that works like a boost for every project with Turbo DNA.”

Interview with Vadym Potapenko at SIGMA Europe

Interview with Vadym Potapenko at SIGMA Europe

Hi Vadim, we are delighted to meet you again here in Malta. We interviewed you in the past when you were working for another company and now you are here with a new adventure: Turbo Games! How are things going?

All good, thank you. Malta is super busy, as usual. This year with a new company it’s a new challenge and new much bigger opportunity for me personally, and I’m glad to be a part of such a great team. For the last 9 months, we’ve grown a lot; of course, we’re still very small in terms of iGaming, although we’re launching new partners, we’re expanding new markets. ** SiGMA and Malta are the perfect combinations and the ideal destination for the global gambling industry. How were the days of this unmissable Maltese week?**

I hope everyone who attended SiGMA this year will agree with me, - it was the best expo by SIGMA; well done with the companies, stands and the show overall. Weeks after, it is still a challenge to reach the people from the exhibition; everybody is busy!

Turbo Games is an innovative start-up created with the idea of revolutionizing and surprising the global industry. What are the bases and principles on which this important business project is based?

Having a super-experienced team, we deliver new content the way no one did. And we do our best to merge casino games with betting and instant games altogether. Basically to provide a fun product for operators. And everything is based on provably fair mechanics.

Provably fair gaming solution is a big step up from the traditional casino environment! Could you explain better what we are talking about?

It’s a simple tool, where a player can check the fairness of each round or spin or rocket launch. And be sure you don’t have abuse or fraud as a player.

What are currently the most successful games in your portfolio, and what is ready to be released in the coming months?

For now, it’s a trio of CrashX, TurboMines and LimboRider. We have our newest release: Dogs’ Street, which we hope will be the next hit. If this game is not for you, we still have a lot of ideas for future releases. ** What is your favourite product - “Made in Turbo Games”? Why do you love it?**

If we’re talking about a product, then I like all games to the same extent; every game has something special, maybe because I saw how they were born and developed:) And if we talking about the company itself, I have to tell you that we have the best team, and people are the best “thing made by Turbo” :)

War and market developments: how has business - both B2B and B2C - changed in recent months, and how will it change again due to the current situation in Ukraine and the rest of Europe?

I see a big support from other companies since we’re from Ukraine, and it’s always great to feel that. Although we don’t take advantage of it or use it to sell our product. I have to be sure, that people start partnerships with us because we’re a great product in the first place. Overall iGaming business is growing and growing fast, so we’re using a lot of opportunities, new features or new ideas to succeed in the market.

In which markets do you operate, what are Turbo Games certifications, and in which areas of the world are you ready to expand your business?

So right now, we’re presented at many Easter European brands, and Latin American, and we’re building up relationships with African and Asian operators. I’m sure you will see us on some big brands soon across the world. We’re certified with iTechLabs and we’re going to have BMM certifications. As for the countries - stay tuned; we will make new announcements.

Future and new projects! What are the next milestones you would like to achieve with your company, and what are the next fairs in which we will be able to meet Turbo Games?

Milestones everywhere: new games, new partners and new licenses. Come to our stand at ICE London and you will see our biggest update!

The interview was conducted by The Betting Coach

Turbo Games extends its partnership with Cbet increasing the number of players

Turbo Games extends its partnership with Cbet increasing the number of players

Turbo Games’ crash games can now be played by Cbet’s maximalist players, giving them the chance to use the fast Line to engage gaming.

Turbo Games & Cbet.gg announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that pushes the boundaries of the industry creating new supply.

Turbo Games is a future-oriented provider of trendy games based on the Provably Fair algorithm. With Turbo Games players can be assured of the transparency of every round of the game and check the game`s fairness by themselves. The company was launched in 2020 with the flagship game CrashX and since then its games have been capturing the hearts of players worldwide, multiplying the revenues of its Partners at the same time.

Innovative and fast-moving, Cbet is an international iGaming brand that stands out from the competition with its impressive crypto-currency facilities that make the online gambling experience easy, safe and limitless worldwide. Moreover, Cbet is known as one of the most trusted online betting brands in the world with over 97% excellent reviews on the internet's leading online review websites

The concluded deal will give Turbo Games’ an entire portfolio of content integrated into the Cbet platform. So that players all around the world and LatAm in particular will have fun playing games produced by a highly motivated team working in the epicentre of war in Ukraine. For now, the most popular games are Turbo Mines, CrashX, Towers, Plinko and Bayraktar, they are minesweeper, crash, tower, and wheel of fortune types accordingly.

Cbet, in turn, is pleased to integrate new trendy studios into its platform with hot content playing a key role in the overall successful development of the iGaming industry.

Vadim Potapenko, Head of Sales at Turbo Games, said: “Partnership with the top-notch brand cbet.gg is the next outstanding step forward for Turbo Games. It's a pleasure to work with a team of professionals who are aimed at the future and strongly promote the gambling industry, as well as crypto. I'm sure that new players will enjoy our growing games portfolio. We provide completely new highly engaging experiences to them that they are always hungry for.”

Rebecca Sotomora, Chief Commercial Officer at Cbet, added: “Our platform is a perfect business environment for such top young games providers as Turbo Games is. Moreover, Cbet was created by maximalists for maximalists that correlates with the Turbo Games` team and their ambitious games. As a rocketing project in the industry that boosts modern gambling, we are happy to set up a partnership with Turbo Games and help them to develop within the industry.”

Classic is eternal but the cool design makes the difference

Classic is eternal but the cool design makes the difference

Keno is a legendary game whose history dates back to the beginning of our era. Chinese - the creators of the games, developed it so much that its popularity helped raise funds to build the Great Wall of China.

Turbo Games has a bit similar approach because the product team bets on its design that it is expected to make Magic Keno popular on Halloween Eve and, accordingly, to bring great wins to players.

The game's interface is bright and catching because of the enormously attractive girl and beautiful animations. The player's task is to choose the frogs from 1 to 40 and observe the result of the girl's magic. The more chosen frogs are lucky enough to eat gold coins - the more significant the winning amount a player gets. If players like to try different strategies, they can experience different difficulty levels that change the coefficients. Additionally, when the betting process starts, a table with the number of chosen frogs and the corresponding winning amount appears on the right side of the game interface. So, it helps a player to understand logic and mathematics.

The feature that the speed-lovers enjoy the most is also available in Magic Keno. Such a feature enables a player to choose the same pattern for opening the blocks for many rounds in a row: either create it on his own or choose from the cute design patterns offered, like hearts, arrows, etc. If a player sticks to the strategy that they believe in, they will win for sure because dripping water wears away a stone not with its strength but with its constancy.

Slava Zhuk, Advisor at Turbo Games, says: "It isn't by accident that gamblers keep playing Keno for ages and don't get bored with it. I'm sure Magic Keno by Turbo Games will add brightness and new experience to the feeling of both: devoted players and newcomers."

Enjoy the cute Helloween game by Turbo Games - Magic Keno

Hold on tight, the future is ‘Turbo’ charged!

Hold on tight, the future is ‘Turbo’ charged!

There is always a hint of excitement when any new kid arrives on the block. They can bring a freshness to proceedings, adding something different and, hopefully, exciting. Such is clearly the case with Turbo Games. Headquartered in the Estonian capital of Tallinn, this young studio is approaching the end of only its second year and has already captured the hearts of players and multiplied the revenues of partners.

Head of Sales at Turbo Games is Vadim Potapenko. Not exactly a ‘new kid on the block’ himself, Vadim spent six years heading up sales at Slotegrator before embarking upon this turbo-charged adventure, and so is perfectly placed to bring readers up to speed with what this exciting studio is all about.

Future-oriented game provision

“Turbo Games is a future-oriented provider of cutting-edge gaming products based on the Provably Fair algorithm. Players of our games can be assured of total transparency in every round of the game. Our first game, CrashX, was launched in February 2021. Since then, we have released one new game each month and are now live with 16 games across more than 50 online brands.”

‘Provably Fair’ Games

For those who do not know, the mechanisms behind ‘provably fair’ games are facilitated by cryptographic hashing algorithms. Most commonly, these are random strings of numbers – known as ‘seeds’ – generated by both the server of the gaming site and the player’s hardware device. The great advantage of the provably fair algorithm over traditional mechanisms is that it enables the player to verify the fairness of the game through a publicly available checker. The difference is simplicity and control

This all sounds great, but what we really want to know from Vadim, is what makes Turbo Games different?

“This is easy to answer, it is the games themselves. In addition to provably fair mechanics, our games offer dynamic volatility. This means that players decide which wins they want to play for. Plus, our games are not slots, our core game types are Сrash games (CrashX, CrashX Football Edition, Limbo Rider), Mines games (Mines, Turbo Mines, Bayraktar) and Wheel of Fortune games (Neko, JavelinX).

“The updated CrashX game with double bets, players levels and the Mines games are enjoying particular market impact. The reasons for this are the simplicity and the feeling of control. Players choose tabs with no Mines under them and choose when to cash out. The ability to invent your own strategies and try new tactics is the best thing about our games. They are simple and yet players can exercise greater control.”

Crash games and beyond

“Crash games deliver drama and excitement, but are also simple, with the same mechanics. Players place a bet and follow a coefficient that rises from x1 to infinity. They must then cash out before their rocket crashes. They can cash out at x1.5 or you choose to hold with the rocket until x2500. They choose their own strategy and test their own nerves!

“We are also seeing great interest in our Turbo Mines game and also Turbo Plinko from our most recent releases. And, of course, we have more new mechanics in mind that we will launch soon, so stay with us!”

Continuing to look ahead, Vadim also has an optimistic outlook when it comes to cryptocurrency usage and other payment trends.

“As we can see, crypto is becoming increasingly popular everywhere as more people begin to understand its potential. Should major nations decide to launch their own cryptocurrencies, such as a digital euro, for example, then the entire concept would create an even bigger wave for new players and even greater popularity and opportunity for cryptocurrencies within the gambling industry.”

The challenges that lie ahead

Knowing that our role as commentators is to speculate and forecast, especially in an industry as fast-moving as ours, so we asked Vadim for his thoughts on the challenges that lie ahead. And interestingly, his focus is on formality as much as creativity.

“More and more countries are putting local licences in place and requiring providers to comply with localised guidelines. So the only challenge is to secure licences for each country. And this is only up to the providers, you either have fair RNG or you don’t. And we do, so our task now is to confirm this with every country in which we chose to do business.”

“In terms of focusing on the product landscape, and the competition, I see the iGaming business as a single entity, with everyone playing their part and influencing the greater whole. We respect the work of all our partners and also our competitors, we evolve and grow together.

And for the remainder of 2022, for Turbo Games this will mean four more new games and many new live operator partners, taking our total to more than 100, and we invite everyone who is interested in joining us on this turbo-charged journey to come find out more at SiGMA Europe in Malta!”

The interview was conducted by Global Gambling News

Turbo Mode in the Game ‘Mines’ is On - Fasten the Seat Belts

Turbo Mode in the Game ‘Mines’ is On - Fasten the Seat Belts

Classics are eternal, but classics with new improvements are captivating. One of the first Turbo games has undergone visual and functional changes and has transformed into one more game Turbo Mines.

The Head of Product at Turbo Games says: “Visually, this is the successor to the super hit of our classic Mines. We are a young progressive team that improves our product regularly, but not just observes what works well. There is no limit to perfection, especially when you can change quickly and qualitatively to open an even wider potential of Turbo hit.”

What does it mean for the players? The rules remain the same as in Mines, but some additional features modify the perception of the interface and the game pace.

Firstly, it is possible to change the game field size: to 33, 55, 77, and 99. Such modification gives a player a chance to work on their strategy and choose the risk rate. So to say, every round can be absolutely different from all points of view.

Secondly, those players who enjoy speed can experience it in Turbo Mines too. Such a function enables a player to choose the same pattern for opening the blocks for many rounds in a row. If a player sticks to the strategy that they believe in, they will win for sure because dripping water wears away a stone not with its strength but with its constancy. But there is no need to wait, do it in Turbo mode with Turbo Mines.