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Turbo Games is a provably fair games provider.

With Turbo Games, players can be assured of the transparency of every round of the game.

What is “provably fair”?

The mechanisms behind a provably fair system are usually facilitated by cryptographic hashing algorithms. The most common method consists of seeds (random strings of numbers) generated both by the gambling site server and the player’s hardware device.

Provably fair gaming solution is a big step up from the traditional casino environment because with the integrated Provably Fair algorithm the player can verify the fairness of the game through some sort of publicly available checker.

The technology is primarily used in crypto or bitcoin casinos and games.

Turbo Games is capturing the hearts of players worldwide, multiplying the revenues of our Partners at the same time.

Crash X
Crash X is one of the most popular kinds of games that continue to tickle players' nerves around the world. It differs from a typical slot game much because it doesn't have any old school slot games features like reels, paylines, or even symbols. When a round starts, the spaceship rockets up at an increasing coefficient 1x and can grow up to infinity, providing a pretty solid winning potential, but in order to win a player must jump out the spaceship until it bursts. If a player manages to do so, his bet will be multiplied by the coefficient, otherwise, a player loses. Take money early, or take the bull by the horns by multiplying the coefficient? It's up to your players! A legendary format is spiced up with space astronauts! Game also provides an auto play option where players can customize various settings. Playing the provably fair Crash X everyone can experience how it feels to win in a fair game.
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Dice Twice
Provably fair Dice Twice is the most demanded and the oldest online crypto game. It is possible to play Dice Twice in two simple but different ways. All a player needs to do is to place the amount he wants to bet and to choose between a bet payout that he wants or chances of winning. When it is done, a player will see what color he needs to roll in order to win a bet. Players influence the odds in the betting pie by dragging the green-red slider. The two place bet buttons: bet on red or green. Rolls are quick and give a player instant feedback. It is very easy to bet. And with the huge range of odds options, a player can choose and follow any strategy he thinks of. There is also a table with the Bet Details that describes Win Chance, Payout, Multiplier according to the bet placed. Game also provides an auto play option where players can customize various settings. Dice Twice is the addictive game solution that inspires to bet!
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Do you enjoy playing Towers? Then, meet Hamsta! A Towers-style game with an upside-down concept. In this provably fair Hamsta game, there are safe blocks and radioactive blocks hidden on the field. The goal is to digg as long as possible path and don’t meet any radioactive block on the way. As a bonuse, Hamsta meets some snacks, hummers and other helpfull stuff for better productivity. With each safe block built, the winnings increase. A player can cash out after each successful guess and take his winnings. Five different locations to explore and big winnings to dig out! Hamsta will keep your players captivated!
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A classic game concept that has always captivated the hearts of the most sophisticated players. In this game, there are diamonds and mines hidden on the field. The objective of the game is to open as many diamonds as possible and don’t blow up on the mine. With each opened diamond winnings increase and a player sees the dashboard with diamonds left, next tile blow up the chance in percentage and the number of opened tiles. A player can cash out after each successful guess and take his winnings. Provably fair Mines also provides auto play option where a player can customize various settings. Turn on your sixth sense and find all the diamonds without hitting a mine! The more diamonds are opened, the more money gained!
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