Turbo Plinko - game destined for fortune

Turbo Plinko - game destined for fortune

Everything in life has its origin and in the 21th century we got used to improving or refining the inventions of our ancestors. The similar story is about a new Turbo release. It originates from the American TV game show that made it the most popular pricing game at that time. Turbo Games has launched its modern Tron style modification called Turbo Plinko.

Behind the scenes Plinko is a classical game of chance where physics plays the main role because it`s thermodynamics that defines the outcome of the offline game. Turbo Plinko is a provably fair digital game in which results are generated using a provably fair system that provides 100% transparency, variable volatility and an RTP of 99 percent.

In Turbo Plinko a player pushes the balls to cascade down the board, bouncing off of the pegs and moving horizontally as well as vertically in the pyramid, until they reach the bottom of the game field, landing in one of the coefficients from 0,2x to 260. The biggest win can be taken reaching the aims in the corners and the lowest is in the middle of the pyramid bottom.

Turbo Plinko is unique because of its crazy mode that allows starting the game with from 5 to 10 balls simultaneously. Accordingly, the winning amount is much more attractive and dynamic than in a game with 1 ball.

As a volatility switch game, Plinko is designed to provide the player gameplay options to control the risk and payouts of the game. In Turbo Plinko there are several option to influence the gameplay and customize it for yourself: Risk Level: Low, Medium & High. The higher the risk level - the bigger potential winning. Rows: 8 - 16 More rows mean more pins that can change the trajectory of the ball, altering the payouts of the game.

Measure your level of fortune - play winning Turbo Plinko! https://turbogames.io/game/turboplinko

Turbo Games` Save the Princess - debut of a pixel art game

Turbo Games` Save the Princess - debut of a pixel art game

The entire iGaming world is striving to satisfy the most demanding players by offering something triggering and special. It's a known fact that the best new is the long-forgotten old. The Turbo Games` team was inspired by retro games and has decided to create a new game with some old fashioned but touching design. Everybody played these types of games in their childhood, didn't they?

A game has 7 stages that a player should go through to succeed and save the princess. This way to the princess is quite dangerous because there are goblins, dragons, vampires and death who can appear behind open doors and end the game. Such protection equipment, like armor, extinguisher and garlic can protect a player in front of a hazard, except death. Of course, the less protection you take at the beginning of the game - the bigger amount of money you will win. So, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The game environment changes with each stage that creates an image of a long challenging way. But what can stop a real hero when the Princess misses him closed on top of the tower? Such a heroic feat сomes with the corresponding music that warms up the atmosphere.

Slava Zhuk, Advisor at Turbo Games, says: “We are excited about the release of Save the Princess because it differs much from all the previous games. We have been learning a lot from the time of Turbo Games` launch and now we put these insights into practice, bringing astonishing new experiences to our players all around the globe.”

Enjoy the game.

Football Edition of Crash X - new decision for football fans

Football Edition of Crash X - new decision for football fans

Crash X is one of the most popular kinds of instant games that doesn't stop to tickle players' nerves around the world. As all gamblers always have an insatiable desire for new emotions and new challenges, that's why Turbo Games has created the new edition of the legendary game with the fresh functionality.

Football Edition of Crash X has the following visual changes сomparing with the old edition:

the overall design of the game field; Now all the players can feel themselves on the real football field and see a flying ball just not expecting the goal but a maximum multiplier; when cashout is made the football players jump out the flying football; music track creates the atmosphere of the real football match with the sounds of fans in the background; the system of ranks is based on the number of flights and ranges from Bronze, Silver, Gold to Elite and Legend titles.

Feel free to try the fresh Football vibe of traditional Crash X

Interview with Ksenia Igolkina, Lead Designer at Turbo Games

Interview with Ksenia Igolkina, Lead Designer at Turbo Games

What types of games does Turbo Games` portfolio include? Why this kind, not another one? Turbogames are the so-called “PROVABLY FAIR” games. This kind of game is based on technology that allows the player to make sure that the results are genuine and honest. In other words, this is simple mathematics in the "wrapper" of an entertaining game. That's what I like - playing such games gives a player a chance to touch pure luck. "Environmentally friendly luck" - I would say so. At Turbo Games, we have created several games based on very popular and familiar mechanics - like Mines, Crash, Limbo and so on. At the same time our portfolio has games for every taste - and this is the uniqueness of our selection of games.

With so many games out there, what differentiates Turbo Games from the rest of iGaming content providers?

As a designer, I would say that we are different, because we have a special visual character. We are bold, bright, we are like a fresh breeze. We are assertive and even a bit aggressive. But this is our point. We are not afraid to be misunderstood - because our players are thinking people who want to be on the wave and are open to new things. And, I'll tell you a secret - luck loves such people.

**What are the key guidelines that you follow when designing a new game? Do real life events influence your choice of elements or general idea of the game? **

In the process of designing, we try to adhere to certain algorithms and not go beyond the given UI / UX design, as we have earned a good audience on our first games, and we try not to change UX much from game to game. It should be “comfortable ” in each of our games, so that our players can quickly figure out familiar features. At the same time, we try to use more and more new ideas and embody them graphically. Here we work as a team. We generate ideas, discuss, look for references, and come up with a “plot”. This is great. We have a great team - and everyone from project managers to programmers and testers are super creative people. Therefore, we get such cool games. Sometimes ideas are just in the air, sometimes we get inspired by something... it's always a creative process.

How do you manage to create exciting games for the players? Where do you get inspiration from?

I have a whole collection of completely different pictures on Pinterest - which are not united by a common idea at all, at first glance. But, this is my “chest” with ideas for Turbo Games. I like to start with history. For example, when we came up with our game "Hamsta" - at first it was a hamster who runs around a wooden wardrobe with supplies and steals jam ... at the end, this idea grew into a radioactive cyber-hamster that digs holes in a post-apocalypse and collects various items .

Could you tell us a bit more about current trends? What makes a game successful nowadays?

I think it's definitely important to keep up with new design trends, or marketing, or... just keep up with the news, after all. Games are a very emotional thing, so in order to do something that will cause a response from the user, it must correspond to his/her thoughts today. This is not easy to follow. But we do our best. At the same time, many factors must be taken into account - to make the design not only beautiful for today, but so that it does not become outdated quickly. At the same time, it is necessary to respond to the demands of the public. Furthermore, trends scan the global geopolitical landscape and remind people what is going on in the world through different channels. As Ukrainians, we filled the duty to create military games as Bayraktar & Javelin and to use them as the instruments for transmitting the current Ukrainian reality of cruel unprecedented war to our global audience. So, with the help of the product Turbo Games makes its contribution to support our Homeland in 2 ways:

  • by forming the conscious understanding of the true picture of russian invasion into Ukraine;
  • by attracting the attention of the global community that all the world should be involved to stop this madness. On such a wave we created the game Bayraktar inspired by one of the drones that the Ukrainian military forces use on the battlefields. After it our rating just soared! Therefore, to be successful it is needed to be in & to set trends that have a big sense close to your users` feelings and wishes right now.

What Turbo game do you consider the most successful from a designer's point of view? Why?

I really love Mines. We decided to make them in neomorphism style - that's why the game looks very modern, "tactile" and as clear as possible. A player wants to play it because the effect of "soft buttons" and pleasant clicks is created. In fact, our Mines are practically an anti-stress game. I also love Neko. There is a very cute cat and a very "delicious" environment.

How much time does it take to draw 1 instant game? Do you do it alone?

For over a year I had been drawing the game alone. Now we have 2 designers in our team. As we have an age gap this helps us to cover trends and preferences of different generations. Furthermore, the basis for the development of any game is collective expertise of all the team. What concerns development - well, all games are born in different ways, from a month to three. Depends on the working load.

Finally, what can we expect in the future from TurboGames?

We have extensive plans. But you can be sure - they will be very nicely implemented and it will be a pleasure to play them!

Interview was conducted by Maiia Skrynnik

New game release by Turbo Games - JavelinX

New game release by Turbo Games - JavelinX

Having a chance to use such a powerful weapon in the army as Javelin - is the dream of any soldier. Thanks to reliable partners, the Ukrainian army successfully uses it in the war nowadays. Being on the wave, Turbo Games, as a game provider have decided to let its players feel the might of the weapon combined with the big mission - protecting peace by defusing russian military vehicles.

The type of game is so called “wheel of fortune” but the interface of the game resembles the interface of real Javelin with modes, directions and statuses. There are 53 military vehicles of different types in the range, the odds for each vehicle are as follows correspondingly: 25 armored vehicles - 48,14%; 17 battle tanks - 31,48%; 10 helicopters - 18,52%; 1 warship - 1,85%.

The next catching feature is the system of ranks, that is based on the military ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: from “soldier” to “general”. A player gets an upgrade of his rank only if he hits its target. The more he hits, the higher rank he receives.

It's possible to place a bet either on all types of vehicles in the range simultaneously or only on some of them.

On the right side of the game field there is the list of the last hitted targets, it's a statistics that helps to build a strategy. A bit lower, a player can see his personal gamer`s data in JavelinX, his rank and the list of current players with their bets in the very bottom of the page.

Experience the feeling of a warrior of 21th century and help Ukraine (read - civilized democratic world) to win - play [JavelinX](https://turbogames.io/game/javelinx](https://turbogames.io/game/javelinx) !

Sensational updates of the game “Crash X”

Sensational updates of the game “Crash X”

Crash X is one of the most popular kinds of instant games that doesn't stop to tickle players' nerves around the world. As all gamblers always have an insatiable desire for new emotions and new challenges, Turbo Games has updated the legendary format of the game with the fresh functionality.

The last version of Crash X has been enriched with the following features:

  • two parallel buttons “Place Bet” with autobet function

The function of placing 2 bets simultaneously gives a player the possibility to test and follow many different tactics of the game. It also doubles the number of bets for the operator, as well as turnover and revenue.

  • encouraging phrases

The aim of these phrases is to lift the spirit of the player and encourage him/her to stay longer in the rocket in order to win more. A player sees the encouraging words when the multiplier is on the stages: x2, x3, x5, x7, x10, x30, x100. For example: Not Bad, Nice, Wicked, Awesome, Godlike, etc.

  • personal statistics of a player

The statistics show the number of flights, flying hours, max multiplier & average multiplier reached by a player.

  • system of ranks based on the number of flights (users see who plays current game and what are their ranks)

Feel new emotions and double your winning award in [Crash X](https://turbogames.io/game/crash](https://turbogames.io/game/crash).

Meet the Slots Creators – Turbo Games’s Vadim Potapenko Interview

Meet the Slots Creators – Turbo Games’s Vadim Potapenko Interview

Tell us a bit about yourself. What makes you, you; and why have you chosen to work at Turbo Games?

Sure, I’m more than 8 years in the iGaming business and really like this industry. Otherwise, why would I do this for so many years? :) To be honest, I was super glad to join TurboGames, since I met the team, saw the product and vision - and realized that it’s an opportunity that I should take.

We love big wins, so can you please let us know the top 3 winnings ever paid by Turbo Games?

Sure, who doesn’t? I saw x200 in Mines and x190 in Crash X, that was awesome! Waiting when someone will break the records. So, players are highly welcome to show their skills. Our games are available at: Bitcasino, Sportsbet, Parimatch, Rajabets, CSGO500, Casobet, Betflip, Privatebet.

You have an impressive game portfolio, can you name the best three of them ever released by Turbo Games?

Yeap, my top 3 will be Mines, Fury Stairs, DiceTwice. Of course, I like our latest release of Ball&Ball game but my real favorite will be our future game. I can say that its context is the latest events in the world, keep following @TurboGames and experience on your own.

2021 was a challenging year for all of us. Even so, Turbo Games had multiple releases. Which slot takes the 2021 title of the best Turbo Games release?

Compared to the events that are taking place now in our Homeland Ukraine because of the russian bloody invasion, 2021 - was the prime time for all of us, for the country and even for the world. We keep doing our best to grow and develop the company even in such unstable times when every minute is a gift.

As Turbo Games was launched in the beginning of 2021, so, the previous year was a successful start for us. I would nominate the first game Crash as the best TurboGames release because of its growing demand from the very beginning until now.

Looking to the future, what is the next big release Turbo Games is planning?

As I said, we have been developing a special game based on the context of the Russian war, other details can be discussed after its release. Furthermore, we have a tight pipeline for upcoming games until the end of year. So I can guarantee there will be a game for everyone.

In a market with hundreds of game studios, what would you say is TurboGame’s biggest differentiator?

We bring something new to the iGaming assortment: minimalistic themes and something that everyone knows from their childhood - casual games. And if we are talking about numbers, we have more than 15k bets made by one player. It's because of the game theme that has the highest percentage of retention.

How can you tell if an online slot is going to be a hit or not?

You never know. The same principle works for songs or movies. Mostly, results are unexpected. The main rule is - if you have passion, goal and you do your best to create something good that people will enjoy and have fun - then it will be a hit anyway.

Switching our attention to casinos, with so many options out there, can you let us know which are your top 3 casino preferences?

Well, to be honest, I never play to win :) The best game experience is to play for a long time, and the perfect scenario is to have a deposit that I can easily lose, get a proper win streak, up to x8-x10 from a deposit. And after losing it all, as you saw in the movie «The Gambler» with Mark Wahlberg. That’s why I don’t need any «fast withdrawals» or «welcome bonuses» :D

Did you use to play slots before entering the iGaming industry? Can you share with us your biggest win on an online slot?

Something like x400 in Wild Shark (Amatic) and x1200 in Money Train (Relax).

What are your hobbies?

Everything related to cars.

What has been your biggest challenge and your most significant success in the gambling industry?

All these stories are under NDA :) Most important is the new ones that you will see from the company's announcements!

If you weren’t in the gambling industry, what other industry would you want to work in? I can’t even imagine this!

Interview was conducted by Slots Calendar

Bayraktar - game made with Ukrainian spirit

Bayraktar - game made with Ukrainian spirit

The whole world is holding its breath observing the war in Ukraine. Turbo Games as Ukrainians knows the reality firsthand. Every citizen believes with all his/her heart in the victory of Ukraine thus we were inspired to create the game - BAYRAKTAR.

The Bayraktar is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations, produced by a Turkish company. The aircraft is monitored and controlled by an aircrew in a ground control station. The visual representation of the game is almost identical to the interface of the real ground control station of Bayraktar, including geographic coordinates, commands and other details.

The aim of the game is to find as many tanks as possible and not to miss. With each detected tank, winnings increase. A player can cash out after each successful detection and take his winnings or use an autoplay option where a player can customize various settings. A player should turn on his/ her fighting spirit, find all the tanks and not miss the shot! The more tanks are opened, the more money gained!

In order to gain personal experience check the Turbo Games [website](https://turbogames.io/game/bayraktar](https://turbogames.io/game/bayraktar).

Help Ukraine to win! Play Bayraktar!