Hold on tight, the future is ‘Turbo’ charged!

Hold on tight, the future is ‘Turbo’ charged!

There is always a hint of excitement when any new kid arrives on the block. They can bring a freshness to proceedings, adding something different and, hopefully, exciting. Such is clearly the case with Turbo Games. Headquartered in the Estonian capital of Tallinn, this young studio is approaching the end of only its second year and has already captured the hearts of players and multiplied the revenues of partners.

Head of Sales at Turbo Games is Vadim Potapenko. Not exactly a ‘new kid on the block’ himself, Vadim spent six years heading up sales at Slotegrator before embarking upon this turbo-charged adventure, and so is perfectly placed to bring readers up to speed with what this exciting studio is all about.

Future-oriented game provision

“Turbo Games is a future-oriented provider of cutting-edge gaming products based on the Provably Fair algorithm. Players of our games can be assured of total transparency in every round of the game. Our first game, CrashX, was launched in February 2021. Since then, we have released one new game each month and are now live with 16 games across more than 50 online brands.”

‘Provably Fair’ Games

For those who do not know, the mechanisms behind ‘provably fair’ games are facilitated by cryptographic hashing algorithms. Most commonly, these are random strings of numbers – known as ‘seeds’ – generated by both the server of the gaming site and the player’s hardware device. The great advantage of the provably fair algorithm over traditional mechanisms is that it enables the player to verify the fairness of the game through a publicly available checker. The difference is simplicity and control

This all sounds great, but what we really want to know from Vadim, is what makes Turbo Games different?

“This is easy to answer, it is the games themselves. In addition to provably fair mechanics, our games offer dynamic volatility. This means that players decide which wins they want to play for. Plus, our games are not slots, our core game types are Сrash games (CrashX, CrashX Football Edition, Limbo Rider), Mines games (Mines, Turbo Mines, Bayraktar) and Wheel of Fortune games (Neko, JavelinX).

“The updated CrashX game with double bets, players levels and the Mines games are enjoying particular market impact. The reasons for this are the simplicity and the feeling of control. Players choose tabs with no Mines under them and choose when to cash out. The ability to invent your own strategies and try new tactics is the best thing about our games. They are simple and yet players can exercise greater control.”

Crash games and beyond

“Crash games deliver drama and excitement, but are also simple, with the same mechanics. Players place a bet and follow a coefficient that rises from x1 to infinity. They must then cash out before their rocket crashes. They can cash out at x1.5 or you choose to hold with the rocket until x2500. They choose their own strategy and test their own nerves!

“We are also seeing great interest in our Turbo Mines game and also Turbo Plinko from our most recent releases. And, of course, we have more new mechanics in mind that we will launch soon, so stay with us!”

Continuing to look ahead, Vadim also has an optimistic outlook when it comes to cryptocurrency usage and other payment trends.

“As we can see, crypto is becoming increasingly popular everywhere as more people begin to understand its potential. Should major nations decide to launch their own cryptocurrencies, such as a digital euro, for example, then the entire concept would create an even bigger wave for new players and even greater popularity and opportunity for cryptocurrencies within the gambling industry.”

The challenges that lie ahead

Knowing that our role as commentators is to speculate and forecast, especially in an industry as fast-moving as ours, so we asked Vadim for his thoughts on the challenges that lie ahead. And interestingly, his focus is on formality as much as creativity.

“More and more countries are putting local licences in place and requiring providers to comply with localised guidelines. So the only challenge is to secure licences for each country. And this is only up to the providers, you either have fair RNG or you don’t. And we do, so our task now is to confirm this with every country in which we chose to do business.”

“In terms of focusing on the product landscape, and the competition, I see the iGaming business as a single entity, with everyone playing their part and influencing the greater whole. We respect the work of all our partners and also our competitors, we evolve and grow together.

And for the remainder of 2022, for Turbo Games this will mean four more new games and many new live operator partners, taking our total to more than 100, and we invite everyone who is interested in joining us on this turbo-charged journey to come find out more at SiGMA Europe in Malta!”

The interview was conducted by Global Gambling News

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Turbo Games collaborate with Betbazar - leading B2B iGaming marketplace

Turbo Games collaborate with Betbazar - leading B2B iGaming marketplace

Turbo Stars has struck a new partnership with Betbazar, a B2B worldwide iGaming marketplace, to introduce the Turbo Games to new regulated global markets.

Turbo Stars has curated a galaxy that is enriched with three top iGaming products, which include Turbo Platform, Turbo Games and Turbo Sportsbook. Turbo Platform provides outstanding iGaming 360° solutions, Turbo Sportsbook is designed to empower any online betting project with exclusive Sports, eSports, Virtual Sports content, as well as customisable software and iframe. The final star in the constellation is Turbo Games, a future-oriented provider of trendy games built on the Provably Fair algorithm.

This progressive agreement will enable Turbo Stars to utilise Betbazar’s specialist knowledge to promote its range of products and successfully introduce these brands into new regulated global markets.

Integrating Turbo Stars’ diverse offering into Betbazar’s marketplace enhances the company’s mission of providing a complete iGaming service that includes Esports, slots, Provably Fair Games and Live Casino.

Vadim Potapenko, Head of Sales at Turbo Games added: “Joining the Betbazar B2B marketplace and working closely with its team of experts will give us a timely boost as we look to explore new regulated markets with our arsenal of iGaming products.”

Max Sevostianov, Betbazar COO, commented: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Turbo Stars and its impressive portfolio of brands. Betbazar is committed to supporting Turbo Stars’ entry into new regulated markets worldwide and promoting their stellar products to a global audience.”

About Betbazar

Betbazar is a B2B worldwide iGaming marketplace which has set a new sales standard sourcing specialist iGaming products and advising on their role within existing strategies to deliver growth to our partners. The company’s ambition is building a digital iGaming marketplace that connects creators with buyers to accelerate growth powered by best-in-class products.

From Account to Project Manager: interview with Olha Kravchenko

From Account to Project Manager: interview with Olha Kravchenko

Meet our star Olha! She shared her fascinating story about the transition from one position to another in Turbo Stars company.

Where did you start your way?

I studied chemistry and worked in a lab, but didn’t like the lab coat and test tubes. And finally one day I just found myself in tears. After researching I found an Account Manager position, which I thought would suit me well. So after taking courses, I landed myself the job.

How did you get into iGaming? What kind of emotions does this field evoke in you?

I stumbled into this market by chance. Now I'm thrilled as my journey has exceeded my expectations.

What inspires you in your work, and where do you get your motivation?

I find inspiration in the products I work on and the people I work with. Collaborating with talented individuals on exciting projects motivates me and boosts my productivity.

How do you analyze what can be improved at work?

I reflect on completed tasks to identify areas for improvement and value feedback from others.

Recently you attended a conference in Dubai. What was most memorable for you?

It was surprisingly exciting to see the measure of the conference and I enjoyed meeting the clients I’d corresponded with for almost a year. And the impressive Pin-Up stand and large turnout caught my attention.

How do usually rest and recover?

Sewing clothes brings me a sense of calmness, I enjoy the challenge of transforming unusual materials into something wearable, preferring to use yellow suede, pink fur, and leopard denim. Also, I enjoy workouts in the gym and a beer to fill up my energy 😄

What made you change your career?

I recently found myself frustrated, so my company kindly offered me a few options. After a lot of thought, I finally made my decision

What do Account and Project Managers roles have in common?

Communication is a key role in both project and account management positions. I prioritize the needs of my team over those of the client. While making the client happy is essential, it cannot be achieved without a content and motivated team! So I am here for that!

We hope this interview was interesting and inspiring for you!