Turbo Games extends its partnership with Cbet increasing the number of players

Turbo Games extends its partnership with Cbet increasing the number of players

Turbo Games’ crash games can now be played by Cbet’s maximalist players, giving them the chance to use the fast Line to engage gaming.

Turbo Games & Cbet.gg announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that pushes the boundaries of the industry creating new supply.

Turbo Games is a future-oriented provider of trendy games based on the Provably Fair algorithm. With Turbo Games players can be assured of the transparency of every round of the game and check the game`s fairness by themselves. The company was launched in 2020 with the flagship game CrashX and since then its games have been capturing the hearts of players worldwide, multiplying the revenues of its Partners at the same time.

Innovative and fast-moving, Cbet is an international iGaming brand that stands out from the competition with its impressive crypto-currency facilities that make the online gambling experience easy, safe and limitless worldwide. Moreover, Cbet is known as one of the most trusted online betting brands in the world with over 97% excellent reviews on the internet's leading online review websites

The concluded deal will give Turbo Games’ an entire portfolio of content integrated into the Cbet platform. So that players all around the world and LatAm in particular will have fun playing games produced by a highly motivated team working in the epicentre of war in Ukraine. For now, the most popular games are Turbo Mines, CrashX, Towers, Plinko and Bayraktar, they are minesweeper, crash, tower, and wheel of fortune types accordingly.

Cbet, in turn, is pleased to integrate new trendy studios into its platform with hot content playing a key role in the overall successful development of the iGaming industry.

Vadim Potapenko, Head of Sales at Turbo Games, said: “Partnership with the top-notch brand cbet.gg is the next outstanding step forward for Turbo Games. It's a pleasure to work with a team of professionals who are aimed at the future and strongly promote the gambling industry, as well as crypto. I'm sure that new players will enjoy our growing games portfolio. We provide completely new highly engaging experiences to them that they are always hungry for.”

Rebecca Sotomora, Chief Commercial Officer at Cbet, added: “Our platform is a perfect business environment for such top young games providers as Turbo Games is. Moreover, Cbet was created by maximalists for maximalists that correlates with the Turbo Games` team and their ambitious games. As a rocketing project in the industry that boosts modern gambling, we are happy to set up a partnership with Turbo Games and help them to develop within the industry.”

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Turbo Games partnered up with SixSlots

Turbo Games partnered up with SixSlots

Turbo Games’ crash games are available on the SixSlots platform - modern directory of the top industry representatives, namely reliable online casinos, the most demanding slots and other games. Furthermore, it`s possible to get acquainted with available bonuses and watch livestreams.

Turbo Games is a perfect match for the selective valuable content of SixSlots directory. The whole Turbo Games portfolio is an exciting world of the games from such categories as Crash, Dice, Plinko, Mines, Towers, Stairs, Wheel of fortune, Keno, Limbo, HiLo. Thanks to SixSlots the casino game admirers can now follow the latest releases and dive deeper into Turbo Games features on the Sixslots.com webpage.

Double Roll - Double Win

Double Roll - Double Win

DoubleRoll is a modern Turbo prototype of a legendary roulette. One of the theories that lies behind roulette is that the inventor of the roulette prototype is Blaise Pascal, who developed a perpetual motion machine and presented a primitive form of roulette as a variation of such an engine. The idea of a perpetual motion engine fully correlates with the DoubleRoll game powered by Turbo.

It looks like an endless spinning line with 14 sectors of red and black colours and a 15th green sector, “zero”. The players can bet on the sector the index finger will point to: red, black or green. By pressing the button “Place a bet”, the Turbo machine launches the ball over the roulette line and, in some seconds, falls on one of the sectors. Winnings are received by everyone whose bet on color has been played.

All the bettors are divided into 3 teams, and after placing the bet, every player sees what team they belong to and cheer for correspondingly. This feature indicates that the level of engagement is quite high in this game. Moreover, there is a very cool sound in the background that reminds the noise of a croudy casino where life rages.

Get involved - double your winnings. https://turbogames.io/game/double