Turbo Plinko - game destined for fortune

Turbo Plinko - game destined for fortune

Everything in life has its origin and in the 21th century we got used to improving or refining the inventions of our ancestors. The similar story is about a new Turbo release. It originates from the American TV game show that made it the most popular pricing game at that time. Turbo Games has launched its modern Tron style modification called Turbo Plinko.

Behind the scenes Plinko is a classical game of chance where physics plays the main role because it`s thermodynamics that defines the outcome of the offline game. Turbo Plinko is a provably fair digital game in which results are generated using a provably fair system that provides 100% transparency, variable volatility and an RTP of 99 percent.

In Turbo Plinko a player pushes the balls to cascade down the board, bouncing off of the pegs and moving horizontally as well as vertically in the pyramid, until they reach the bottom of the game field, landing in one of the coefficients from 0,2x to 260. The biggest win can be taken reaching the aims in the corners and the lowest is in the middle of the pyramid bottom.

Turbo Plinko is unique because of its crazy mode that allows starting the game with from 5 to 10 balls simultaneously. Accordingly, the winning amount is much more attractive and dynamic than in a game with 1 ball.

As a volatility switch game, Plinko is designed to provide the player gameplay options to control the risk and payouts of the game. In Turbo Plinko there are several option to influence the gameplay and customize it for yourself: Risk Level: Low, Medium & High. The higher the risk level - the bigger potential winning. Rows: 8 - 16 More rows mean more pins that can change the trajectory of the ball, altering the payouts of the game.

Measure your level of fortune - play winning Turbo Plinko! https://turbogames.io/game/turboplinko

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Turbo Games partnered up with SixSlots

Turbo Games partnered up with SixSlots

Turbo Games’ crash games are available on the SixSlots platform - modern directory of the top industry representatives, namely reliable online casinos, the most demanding slots and other games. Furthermore, it`s possible to get acquainted with available bonuses and watch livestreams.

Turbo Games is a perfect match for the selective valuable content of SixSlots directory. The whole Turbo Games portfolio is an exciting world of the games from such categories as Crash, Dice, Plinko, Mines, Towers, Stairs, Wheel of fortune, Keno, Limbo, HiLo. Thanks to SixSlots the casino game admirers can now follow the latest releases and dive deeper into Turbo Games features on the Sixslots.com webpage.

Double Roll - Double Win

Double Roll - Double Win

DoubleRoll is a modern Turbo prototype of a legendary roulette. One of the theories that lies behind roulette is that the inventor of the roulette prototype is Blaise Pascal, who developed a perpetual motion machine and presented a primitive form of roulette as a variation of such an engine. The idea of a perpetual motion engine fully correlates with the DoubleRoll game powered by Turbo.

It looks like an endless spinning line with 14 sectors of red and black colours and a 15th green sector, “zero”. The players can bet on the sector the index finger will point to: red, black or green. By pressing the button “Place a bet”, the Turbo machine launches the ball over the roulette line and, in some seconds, falls on one of the sectors. Winnings are received by everyone whose bet on color has been played.

All the bettors are divided into 3 teams, and after placing the bet, every player sees what team they belong to and cheer for correspondingly. This feature indicates that the level of engagement is quite high in this game. Moreover, there is a very cool sound in the background that reminds the noise of a croudy casino where life rages.

Get involved - double your winnings. https://turbogames.io/game/double