turbturbsticker gamesgamesbrand guidelines

Commonly used materials:

turbturbsticker gamesgamesbrand guidelines

Commonly used materials:

Brand EssentialsEssentials

Dynamic Symbolism
At the heart of our identity is the Red Cross, akin to a D-pad on a gamepad. It's more than a symbol; it's a beacon of energy, action, and direction. This icon encapsulates our brand's spirit of adventure, precision, and engagement in every experience.
Color with Purpose
Our color scheme is no coincidence. The bold red (#FF003A) ignites passion, the deep black (#000000) adds sophistication, and the crisp white (#FFFFFF) ensures clarity. This triad isn't just visually striking; it's a deliberate choice reflecting our brand's dynamic, clear, and assertive nature.
Visual Impact
Our visuals are crafted to capture attention and convey our message unforgettably. From the sharp angles of our logo to the striking contrast in our imagery, each element is designed to make a statement – embodying a brand that's not only seen but remembered.


Place the logo on a clear background: white, black, red.
Do not change the color, size, or shape of the logo. Also, do not use additional visual effects.
boy and girl
boy and girl
boy and girl
boy and girl


Our brand colors - bold red (#FF003A), classic black (#000000), and pure white (#FFFFFF) - merge to create a visual identity that's as striking as it is memorable. This palette reflects our brand's vibrant energy and commitment to impactful, noticeable presence. Red infuses passion and dynamism, black brings sophistication and depth, while white offers clarity and balance. Together, they embody our brand's ethos: bold, clear, and unapologetically forward-thinking.





JOST Black


JOST SemiBold

JOST Regular

Mascot AdventureAdventure

Discover our captivating mascot, a lively character with a unique, handheld-console-inspired design. He is the heart of our brand, radiating energy and enthusiasm. Its screen face displays a range of emotions, making every interaction memorable. Not just a part of our marketing, this mascot also stars in its own game, bringing an extra layer of engagement. Click 'Download' to use this charismatic character in your projects. It's not just a mascot; it's a beacon of fun and creativity!