Provably fair Dice Twice is the most demanded and the oldest online crypto game. It is possible to play Dice Twice in two simple but different ways. All a player needs to do is to place the amount he wants to bet and to choose between a bet payout that he wants or chances of winning. When it is done, a player will see what color he needs to roll in order to win a bet. Players influence the odds in... the betting pie by dragging the green-red slider. The two place bet buttons: bet on red or green. Rolls are quick and give a player instant feedback. It is very easy to bet. And with the huge range of odds options, a player can choose and follow any strategy he thinks of. There is also a table with the Bet Details that describes Win Chance, Payout, Multiplier according to the bet placed. Game also provides an auto play option where players can customize various settings. Dice Twice is the addictive game solution that inspires to bet!

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  • game controller



  • calendar


    Apr 2021

  • devices


    Mobile, desktop

  • player


    Single player

  • arrow-up

    Max multiplier


Additional features
  • Autoplay