Classics are eternal, but classics with fresh improvements are captivating. One of the first Turbo games has undergone visual and functional changes and has transformed into one more game Turbo Mines. The rules remain the same as in Mines but some additional features modifies the perception of the interface and the game pace. Firstly, it is possible to change the size of the game field: 3*3, 5*5, ...7*7, 9*9. Such modification gives a player a chance to work on his/her strategy and choose the risk rate. So to say, every round can be absolutely different from all points of view. Secondly, those players who enjoy speed can experience it in Turbo Mines too. There is Turbo mode that enables a player to choose the same pattern for opening the blocks for many rounds in a row

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    Sep 2022

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    Mobile, desktop

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Additional features
  • Turbo mode