A game has 7 stages that a player should go through to succeed and save the princess. This way to the princess is quite dangerous because there are goblins, dragons, vampires and death who can appear behind open doors and end the game. Such protection equipment, like armor, extinguisher and garlic can protect a player in front of a hazard, except death. Of course, the less protection you take at t...he beginning of the game - the bigger amount of money you will win. So, nothing ventured, nothing gained. The game environment changes with each stage that creates an image of a long challenging way. But what can stop a real hero when the Princess misses him closed on top of the tower? Such a heroic feat сomes with the corresponding music that warms up the atmosphere.

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  • game controller



  • calendar


    Aug 2022

  • devices


    Mobile, desktop

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  • arrow-up

    Max multiplier


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