Keno is a legendary game whose history dates back to the beginning of our era. Chinese - the creators of the games, developed it so much that its popularity helped raise funds to build the Great Wall of China. Turbo Games has a bit similar approach because the product team bets on its design that it is expected to make Magic Keno popular on Halloween Eve and, accordingly, to bring great wins to pl...ayers. The game's interface is bright and catching because of the enormously attractive girl and beautiful animations. The player's task it to choose the frogs from 1 to 40 and observe the result of the girl's magic. The more chosen frogs are lucky enough to eat gold coins - the more significant the winning amount a player gets. If players like to try different strategies, they can experience different difficulty levels that change the coefficients. Additionally, when the betting process starts, a table with the number of chosen frogs and the corresponding winning amount appears on the right side of the game interface. So, it helps a player to understand logic and mathematics.

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    Oct 2022

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    Mobile, desktop

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