Having a chance to use such a powerful weapon in the army as Javelin - is the dream of any soldier. Turbo Games let's its players feel the might of the weapon combined with the big mission - protecting peace by defusing russian military vehicles. The type of game is so called “wheel of fortune” but the interface of the game resembles the interface of real Javelin with modes, directions and statuse...s. There are 53 military vehicles of different types in the range, the odds for each vehicle are as follows correspondingly: 25 armored vehicles - 48,14%; 17 battle tanks - 31,48%; 10 helicopters - 18,52%; 1 warship - 1,85%. The next catching feature is the system of ranks, that is based on the military ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: from “soldier” to “general”. A player gets an upgrade of his rank only if he hits its target. The more he hits, the higher rank he receives. It's possible to place a bet either on all types of vehicles in the range simultaneously or only on some of them. Experience the feeling of a warrior of 21th century and help Ukraine (read - civilized democratic world) to win.

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    Jul 2022

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