Experience the thrill of Fast Fielder, a captivating online crypto game that combines the excitement of cricket with the proven fairness of dice. Fast Fielder allows players to engage in the game of cricket in a unique and simplified way. Just like its predecessor, Dice Twice, this game offers two straightforward gameplay options. To begin, players simply place their desired bet amount and choose ...between selecting a preferred payout or setting their desired chances of winning. Once the selections are made, players are presented with the target they need to roll in order to secure a win. By adjusting the green-blue slider, players can actively influence the odds in the betting pie. The game offers quick and responsive rolls that provide instant feedback to players. Placing bets is incredibly easy, and with a wide range of odds options, players can adopt their preferred strategies. Fast Fielder is an addictive gaming solution that captures the essence of cricket while providing a seamless and fair betting experience. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey on the cricket field, where strategy and luck intertwine!

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    Jun 2023

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