Dog Street is a paradise for all dogs and a very beloved place for all dog lovers who come here to enjoy the atmosphere and feed the cute creatures who live in the house. Life is life and it cannot be perfect. Sometimes everyone meets obstacles, in this case, they are cats and their angry owners. The aim of each player in this game is to open the windows and feed dogs. The more windows with the behind them are opened, the more dogs are full and the more winning amount a player receives. As soon as a crumpy cat owner with her pet is met, a player loses. There are some features that make the game attractive for playing and for winning. Firstly, it is possible to change the number of cats on the game field: from 2 to 24. The such modification gives a player a chance to work on their strategy and choose the risk rate. Secondly, the designs and sounds are awesome! It can be undoubtedly said that the game is created for aesthetes. Starting of the game play a player hears the sounds of dogs panting or sniffing and sees a cute interface. Dogs living in the house bark with different voices every time a player opens the window and feeds them showing their satisfaction. Furthermore, each dog lover can meet the god they like the most: Staffordshire bull terriers, Akitas, Huskys, Maltese dogs and Pugs.

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  • calendar


    Nov 2022

  • devices


    Mobile, desktop

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Additional features
  • Turbo mode